Subhanallah, A Story About The Youngest Sniper Of The Jabhah Nusrah Who Fell In A Battle

In Hamah At The Age Of 15

Zil Hajj 20, 1433 A.H, Tuesday, November 06, 2012

HAMAH, Syria The Mujahideen of Jabhah Nusrah is again letting go one of its hero as shaheed in the fighting in the province of the outskirts of Hamah. Abu Hamzah Al-Faruq, the Mujahid died at the aged of 15. He was the youngest sniper and mujahid of the Jabhah Nusrah in the land of Sham.

Umar Al-Bukairati is the original name of Abu Hamzah Al-Faruq or Abu Hamzah Ash-Shami. He was born in Qudsiya, Idlib province, Syria in 1996. He lived and grew up in Qudsiya with his family until the age of 12. His spirit of Islam and anti-Nusairiyah regime of Syria started to grow when he entered the secondary education at the age 13.

When the revolution of the Muslim people of Syria broke out in March or April 2011, Umar Al-Bukairati was in the group of students who first responded to it. Together with the youths, the elderly people and the community of Qudsiya, Umar Al-Bukairati took to the street in the acts of demonstration against the Syrian regime.

The intelligence service and military of the Syrian regime hunted down the demonstration activists in all parts of Syria. Umar Al-Bukairati along with hundreds of youths and activists in Qudsiya were included in the list of wanted people of the Syrian regime. With an intention to save themselves from persecution and the cruelty of the Syrian regime, Umar Al-Bukairati and his family made hijrah to Turkey in September 2011. Tens of thousands of other Muslim civilians also emigrated to Turkey to save their religion and lives.

In the refugee camp in Turkey, Umar Al-Bukairati did not feel the slightest peace. How could he feel peace, while thousands of innocent children, women and elderly people were massacred every day in all parts of Syria? He was not willing to live peacefully in Turkey, while the Muslims were persecuted in Syria by the Nusairiyah regime.

The spirit of Islam and jihad continued to burn in the soul of Umar Al-Bukairati. Every day, he toiled for the sake of supporting the life of his family in the refugee camp, while little by little saving the remaining spending money.

Armed with his savings and money given by his family, Umar Al-Bukairati bought a sniper rifle, he then returned to his homeland, Qudsiya. It was there where he gave baiat to the leader of the Mujahideen group, Jabhah Nusrah. Through that group, he received the general military training and the special training for would-be snipers.

With the grace of Allah alone, through the serious military training he received from the Mujahideen instructors, at the age of only 15, Umar Al-Bukairati became one of the reliable Mujahideen snipers. The Mujahideen of Jabhah Nusrah positioned him in the Brigade of Yusuf As-Siddiq in Al-Qudsiya.

In the various battles that he participated with the Brigade of Brigade Yusuf As-Siddiq, Umar Al-Bukairati had killed 13 soldiers of the Syrian regime. When the Mujahideen of Jabhah Nusrah in the province of the outskirts of Hamah needed additional mujahids, the leadership of Jabhah Nusrah transferred Umar Al-Bukairati to that jihad zone. It was in that province that the young Mujahideen sniper fell in a battle.

May Allah accept your deeds and place you in the paradise of Firdaus the highest. Farewell O young sniper and mujahid, who died at the age of 15. May your martyrdom become an example for all the young generations of Muslims. May your struggle and sacrifice become the bricks for the reestablishment of the Khilafah Islamiyah in the land of Sham.

As a commemoration for their friend who has fallen, a sniper and mujahid Abu Hamzah Al-Faruq, the Mujahideen of the Brigade of Yusuf As-Siddiq has released a short video about the figure of the blessed martyr.



Translated and Submitted by a Mujahid