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Islamic Perspectives

April  2013

Jihadi Media, The Grandest Gift For Jihad & The Mujahideen

The Story Of The Mujahideen Of An Indonesian Descent

Sheikhul Mujahideen Of Syria Conducted Jihad Against The Tyrannical Regime To The End Of His Life

The West Begins Its Scenario In Syria

March  2013

The Horror Of Assad's Regime's Prison: Interview With A Ex-Detainee

“Why I Left Shi'ah”--Sayyid Husain Al-Musawi

January  2013

The History Of The Emergence Of Shi'ah Religion

November 2012

The Spirit Of Jihad Shall Continue To Ignite!

Subhanallah, A Story About The Youngest Sniper Of The Jabhah Nusrah Who Fell In A Battle In Hamah At The Age Of 15

October 2012

Exclusive 'Eidul Adha Tausiyah By Ustadz Ba'asyir About The Essence Of Qurban

The Correlation Between The Efforts of Al-Qaeda And The History Of Islam In The Liberation Of Al-Aqsa

Between The Plot Of The Zionists And The Plot Of Allah

Indonesia: Why Not Be Sovereign In Dealing With America?

September 2012

A Public Talk By Ustadz Abu M Jibriel AR : The Truth Of The 9/11 Jihad Operation, The Plots Of The Enemies And The Zionist Conspiracy

Revolutionary Activist Of Syria: Muhammad Mursi Is Not The First To “Sell” Us With His Political Rhetoric

August 2012

Sometimes The Jihad Media Recede, But Never Die

Can The Islamic Ummah Rely On The Shi'ahs To Liberate Al-Quds?

July 2012

Shi'ah Is Like A Lion That Is Ready To Pounce, Beware Of Shi'ah's Plots!!!

Al-hamdulillah, Only In 4 Days Of Ramadhan, 222 People Have Embraced Islam In Kuwait

The Kafir Media Are Going To Label Imam Mahdi As A Terrorist

Those Who Are Liked By Dajjal Have Unknowingly Been Marked And Later Would Be Enticed To Become His Followers

Do Not Tarnish The Sublimity Of Jihad

Beware! America Builds Military Base In The Heart Of The Capital, Jakarta

A Great Lady in the Battle of Jalalabad

Getting To Know The Deviated Doctrines Of The Nusairiyah In Syria

June 2012

The Transnational Movement Of The Shi'ah Safawiyah In The Middle East

Photos of The Proofs of Violence in Arakan, The Muslim Rohingya Victims and Refugees (II)

AMEF Presents: The [English Translation] of an important article: “Why the Ummah Strayed And How to Awaken it” - By Sheikh Abu Sa’d al ‘Amilī (H.A.)

Innalillahi, A Rohingya Muslimah Raped By Burmese Forces Until She Died

Savage! Burmese Forces Raped 11 Rohingya Muslimahs

Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir: The Obligation Of Jihad Is The Same As Fasting In Ramadhan

A Message to the People and Islamic Scholars of Pakistan: On the Tragic Incident of the Martyrdom of Maulana Naseeb Khan and Maulana Aslam Shaykhupuri (May Allah have mercy on them)

May 2012

One Year Of Sheikh Usamah's Martyrdom and The Apocalyptic Dream Of America

Sheikh Usamah Bin Ladin, The 'Lion of Islam' With a Tender Heart

“Promoting Lesbianism, Insulting The Prophet, Belittling The Qur'an”

The Freedom To Destroy Islam And The Muslims

Whoever Loves To Meet Allah, Allah Also Loves To Meet Him

al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula English magazine Inspire issue #9

al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula English magazine Inspire issue #8

Muslim Women Versus Western Women

April 2012

The History Of Jihad In Bosnia: A piece Of The Story Of The Muslimahs' Struggle Of Under The Brutality Of Crusades

A Day With The Mujahideen Of The BIFF (Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters) - 2

A Day With The Mujahideen Of The BIFF (Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters) - 1

Is It True That MUT’AH Is NIKAH?

Sahara Media interview with Sanda bin Bouamama Al-Timbukti A commander in Ansar Al-Din movement

17 Reasons Why The Ulama's Declare The Shiahs Kafir

PDF: the English translation of Lessons and Treasures from the Battle of Toulouse - By Sheikh Abu Sa'd al-Amili (HA)

Have The Shiahs Fought The Zionists?

March 2012

Exclusive Interview With Yazid Sufaat, "The Experience In The Thaghut Prison"

Exclusive Interview With Yazid Sufaat, 9/11 Attack Increased The Number Of Adherents Of Islam

An Interview By Malaysiakini With Yazid Sufaat (Former ISA Detainee), The Experience Of Meeting With Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin

Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahidin :: An audio speech for Sheikh Mukhtar Abu Al-Zubair may Allah preserve him (Monday 26 Rabī` Al-Ākhir 1433 A.H.)

“Sea Of Hijabs” Flowing In The UK

Successfully Retaken, Pontianak Conducive: "Thousands of Muslims Responded To The Call Of Jihad" Allahu Akbar!

The Story of a Jew Who Islamized Millions Of People

1000 Muslimahs Deceived By Thai Soldiers

“What Has Been Your Contribution That You Want To Disband The FPI?”

Qur'an's Verse “Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin” Always Misused

Tragic, Pattani Muslimahs Raped And Then Murdered

Ustadz Farid Achmad Okbah: Shiah Worse Than Israel

February 2012

Ustadz Hartono Ahmad Jaiz: The Syrian Forces Are Crueler Than The Serbian Forces At Slaughtering Muslims

Chief Of Asmat Tribe Embraces Islam, Subhanallah!

Glad Tidings: By the Two Sheikhs Abu al-Zubayr and Ayman al-Zawahiri May Allah Protect Both of Them

At Palangkaraya Airport, Thousands Of Kafir Dayaks Surrounded Four Leaders Of FPI

The Story Of The Repentance Of Three Shiah Women

10 Basic Logics To Shield Against Shi'ah

Who Is The Muslim Leader (Amirul Mu'mineen)?

January 2012

First interview of Emir of AQAP Mujahideen in Zinjibar Abu Hamza Al-Marqashi

A Dialogue Between A Muwahhid And A Munafiq

Death Is Beautiful

Why Do We Need The Khilafah?

Between Shiah, The West And Global Jihad: The Dilemma Of The Arab Future

"We Do Not Need Your Tears Here!"

A Memoir Of A Puritan (An Account Of A Former Skinhead's Hijrah)

The Rejectionist quadrilateral... The fourth Stage of the Iraq War

Report about the pledge of alliance of the ‘Gaaljecel’ clan to Harakaat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen Sunday 7/2/1433

Questioning A Muslim's Ideological Confusion

Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir: “Deradicalization, An Accursed Munkar”

The Mufti Of The Thaghut Is A Thaghut

Feminism, Goodness Or Jahiliyah (Ignorance)?

December 2011

Statement Of The World Ulama's About Khilafah, Throughout The Unrest In The Middle East

The Prohibition On Making And Worshiping Statues In Al-Kitab

An Official Statement Of The Military Training Participants Mujahideen From Aceh

The interval battle of Dayniile: Is it a new Badr or a modern Yamamah?

The Daleels On The Haram Ruling Of Celebrating The A.D. New Year

The Guidelines On Addressing Christmas

My second visit to the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa

My Husband, Conduct Jihad In Allah's Cause!

Origination of Christmas

It Is Haram To Celebrate Christmas & New Year

The Liar Nation!

"So Lose Not Heart, Nor Fall Into Despair" By the Mujahid Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, May Allah Protect Him

The collapse of the American economy marked the beginning of the end of the American empire

Jihad: The Perpetual Battle, Raising High the Kalimah of Allah

The Sports Of The Mujahids

The Indonesia Malaysia Game, “The Greatness Of Soccer and Blind Fanaticism”

Ma’had Darul Hadith Yemen Attacked By Shi'ah, Jihad Proclaimed!

November 2011

Harakaat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen: OSAFA Fact-finding Committee Conducts Organisation Performance Appraisal

A Short Story About Ukhuwwah‏

Immoral occupation: MTV Founder Sets Sights On Afghan TV

Leaders Who Do Not Apply Islamic Law Are A Source Of Disaster

AMEF Presents: A Transcript of the Lecture: “Lessons Learned” - By Mujahid Commander Abu Mansoor al-Amriki (May Allah Protect Him)

Speech of mujahid shiekh Mukhtar Abu Al-Zubeyr about the death of Qaddafi and the historical battle of Dayniile

Why We Should Do Jihad?

The Political Educational Military Program: “A Guide to Preparing the Brave Leaders” by Abdullah Al-Haaj

Tausiyah 'Eidul Adha From Ustadz Ba'asyir: Follow The Millah Ibrahim, Strengthen Al-Wala Wal-Baro'

An Open Letter To SBY: Change The Corrupt System Or Revolution!!..

This Is The Warrior Of Islam, Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi 

Have You Ever Sacrificed For Islam?

Guiding The Lost Sheeps Of Israel

October 2011

The Reality of the Rulers by Sheikh Abu Zubair Adil al-Abab

What's The View Of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam On Gaddafi?

The Collapse Of Gaddafi's Regime and The Strategies Of Al-Qaeda In Entrapping America

Seven Stages Towards The Khilafah In The Year 2020

Martyrdom in Defense of Our Honour Commander / Abu Hurairah as-Sana’ani (May Allah Protect Him)

Mogadishu … the New Kabul!!”

Ambon Troubled Again, Christian Parties Used Iron Arrows, Firearms and Their Snipers Took Position

spokesman of Harakat- Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen Sheikh ‘Ali Mahamud Raage press conference regarding the Kenyan accusations and incursion in Somalia

Various American Crusader-Zionist Barbarism

Miniskirts And Sexual Violence

They Want to Replace Masjidil Aqsa With This Temple

Islamic Ummah United Confronting Deradicalization

Genuine Muslims

Statement of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula about the Martyrdom of Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaqi and His Comrades

Ansar al-Mujahideen English Forum Statement Marking the Martyrdom of Imam Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan - May Allah Have Mercy on Them

The Killing Of Anwar al-Awlaki And The Law Of The Jungle Of The International Order

"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our fellow Muslims in Egypt (7)" By Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah Protect Him)

“The Freedom Of Islamic Da'wah Today” Is It True?!!

FUI Submits Photos Of Ambonese Crusaders Radicalism To MUI

Ambonese Muslim Traumatized, Crusader 9/11 Rioters Used Bombs And Firearms

Church Bombing And Message From Muslims In Ambon

Disease Of “Islamophobia” Infects Head Of PBNU, Asking The Government To Shut Down

September 2011

Destroying Their Homes with Their Own Hands by Sheikh Ibrahim Sulaiman Al-Rubaish

Rejecting Taghout & Belief in Allaah, By Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

Muslims in the West have started a National campaign called Legitimate Demands "Leave our Lands"

Ambon, Temanggung and The Rottenness Of The Secular Media

Mujahidin of Abyan speak to the media for the first time: Al-Qaeda takes control of Abyan through regular warfare

Ignorance Is Strength: The Orwellian World Post-11th September

The Condition In Ambon Is Still Tense, Displaced Muslims Are Still Holding Up

Concerned About The Condition Of The Nation, The Interfaith Alliance Rather Held Act Of Shirk (Joint Do'a)

Latest Message From Ikhwan Mujahideen In Ambon

Ambonese Muslims' First Friday Prayer In Waringin Village

The Muslims Are The Victims, Yet It's The Muslims Who Are Raided?

Commemorating 10 Years Of September 11 Attacks: America Has Lost The War!

Ustadz Abu Bakar Baasyir: "If The Muslims Are Indeed Persecuted, Jihad Is Wajib Upon Us"

Statement of Majelis Mujahidin On The Ambon Riots 11th September 2011

Ambon In Chaos, Bloody Ambon Part II?

America Is Reluctant To Leave Afghanistan For The Sake Of Opium

Greater and 'Lesser' Jihad?

Reflections on Islamic World Events by Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys

A Call for Jihad with Money

Donations For The Families Of Mujahids

Our Brothers and sisters Go Hungry...

The Hatred Of The Kafirs Against Islam Even To The Soccer Field

Changing the Tides of the War The Strategic Retreat from Mogadishu by Abu Qital al-Qarni (May Allah Protect Him)

Cries to the People of Honor For the Rescue of Muhaijrah Mujahidah UMM HAMZA By Sheikh Abu Humam Bakr bin Abdelaziz Al-Athari (May Allah protect him)

August 2011

When The Storm Impedes The Way Of Jihad

"a Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our fellow Muslims in Egypt (6)" By Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah Protect Him)

The Effectiveness Of The Media Jihad In The Jihad Media

US Treasury Sanctions: An Attempt To Extinguish The Islamic Media

Valuable Research On The Islamic Emirate of Somalia: A New Front to Beleaguer the Enemies of Allah By brother: Abu Abdullah Anis (May Allah Protect Him)

The Jew the Christians hater

The Glory of the East Begins with Damascus by Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah protect him)

Ansarullah English: Ramadan Lessons by Sheikh Khalid Al-Husainan Lesson 2 Good Manners

The Famine In Somalia Is Not Just Economic

A Message to the Ameer, Ayman Al-Zawahiri by Abu Baseer Nasir Al-Wuhaishi

Bettering The Street Children

A Statement Regarding the Succession of Sheikh Usamah bin Laden in Regards to the Leadership of Al-Qaedah

"a Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our fellow Muslims in Egypt (5)" By Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah Protect Him)

The Noble Knight Dismounted By the Mujahid Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him)

July 2011

The Post-Imprisonment Phase By Sheikh: Abu Sa’d al-‘Amili (May Allah Protect Him)

The Struggle Is An Interpretation Of The Words

"Who Shall Buy Paradise" - A Call to help the needy Muslims in Somalia

The Islamic Ummah Needs A Television Channel

al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula English magazine Inspire issue #6

Daleels Regarding I'dad Askariy (Military Training)

The Path Of departures Reminiscing the Martyrs’ of Somalia

This Is How The Ummah Of Prophet Muhammad SAW Should Be Like

A Glimpse Back At The Beginning Of The Bloody Ambon Tragedy

The Status Of America In Front Of The Muslims

Statistics of the Jihad in the Caucasus Emirate for the month of Rajab 1432 (June 4 to July 3, 2011)

“Enter Upon Them Through The Gate.. And You Shall Be Victorious” By the Excellent Sheikh: Abu Sa’d al-‘Amili (May Allah Protect Him)

Jewish Grip On Indonesia Since Before Independence

June 2011

Let's Hasten Towards The Forgiveness Of Allah And His Paradise!

A Letter From Our Brother (From: Gaza_Palestine) To The Muslims In Indonesia

Against The Gluttony Of The Rulers

Enliven The Masjid Again

The Savagery Of The Densus 88, The Deterioration Of The corrupt Government

Al-Qaeda After Usama By Allah's Command Will Remain Standing By Sheikh: Abu Sa’d al-‘Amili (May Allah Protect Him)

The Organization of Qaedat al-Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula present: Eulogizing the Sheikh of the Mujahideen Usama bin Laden (May Allah Have Mercy on Him)

Declaration of the Successor of Sheikh Usama bin Laden in the Leadership of Jama'ah Qa'idatul Jihad

Statement Of 'Free ABB Solidarity Group' Regarding The Cruel Sentence Against Ustadz KH. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir

The Jihad Movement, Islamic Party and Lessons From The Army of Thalut

The Islamic Revolution In Yemen: The Establishment Of Khilafah & The Liberation Of Al-Aqsa

This Is Al-Qaedah

Dying In The Arena Of Jihad Is Better

The Love Letter Of A Mujahid: O My Future Wife, Stand Strong In The Storm

Janaza Of Shuhada's Do Not Rot

The Martyrdom Of Sheikh Usamah And The Signs Of Victory For The World Muslims!

The Dream of Shaykh Osama bin Laden (may Allah have mercy on him)

Indonesia, Rise Up With Islam!

Wanted By Shari'ah Court, For Crimes Against Muslims

May 2011

a close look at the American society

Eulogizing the Sheikh Imam Usama bin Laden, May Allah Have Mercy on Him "The Martyr was Victorious, by the Lord of the Kaaba"

20th Court Session of Ustadz ABB: “Establishing Tawheed, Eradicating Shirk”

Wa Israelaah!!!!

A Dialogue Between Ansarut Tawheed and Ansarut Thaghut In Sijn (Prison)

The Personage Of Sigit Qardhowi: The Milk Which Is Repaid With Poison

The English translation of As-Sahab's audio release - The Speech by the Martyr of Islam (As We Consider Him) The Mujahid Sheikh Usama Bin Laden - May Allah Have mercy on him

O American... this is Osama

Bin Laden's Wives and the Continuing Mystery

The English Translation of the Statement by Al-Qaedah in the Lands of the Islamic Maghrib entitled “Condolences and Congratulations to the Ummah for Its Loss of Our Sheikh Usama bin Laden”

The Claim That Sheikh Usamah Is A CIA Agent, Is Only A Cheap Fitnah

Get To know Usamah bin Laden Through His Risaalah

A Response To The Commentaries On Cirebon Bombing

Where Are Those Who Roll Up Their Sleeves?

Farewell O honorable Sheikh….

The General Command of Al-Qaedah: A Statement Concerning the Defiant Battle, and the Martyrdom of Sheikh Usama bin Laden (may Allah have mercy on him)

Usama is Alive!!!

April 2011

10 “Interesting” Facts About The Government Of Saudi Arabia

Do Not Revile Them!

"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt (4)" by Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri (may Allah protect him)

The Urgency Of Jihad And How The Ummah Should Act In Response

Wonderful Gift to the Islamic Ummah The English Translation Of As-Sahab Media's Video Release Entitled ... The Winds of Paradise Part II

Seeking Faults, Secular Media Sharply Highlights Issues Of Crocs Sandals Worn By Ustadz Abu

"Surrender yourselves wholly unto Allah" By Sheikh Rashad Shtewy

America- Ceasefire or Defeat

The Scholars of Evil

To our People in Libya By Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi

Hospitals In Gaza Unable To Entertain Victims Of Israeli Attacks

Reader's Letter, Hey Jakarta, Remember The Drought!

Ruling on Demonstrating with the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen and Leftists in Morocco

Islamic Law Barbaric?

Interview With Abdul Rochim Ba'asyir: I Have Lost Trust In The Police

Recollections Of My Life - Mu'ummar Qaddafi

Damascus - the Base of Jihad on earth By Sheikh Husain Bin Mahmud

Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir Is The Mentor of the Nation

American Mujahids In The Arena Of World Jihad

What is Ulil’s Sin Against Islam And The Muslims That He Deserved To Be Killed?

Al-Shabaab Launches Major Road Repair Between Mogadishu And IDP Camps

March 2011

 "A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt (3)" by Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri (may Allah protect him)

Even the Dead...

Message from Emir Dokku Abu Usman the Ameer of Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus "To the Muslims of the Caucasus and Russia"

Measuring The Readiness Of The Revolution In Indonesia

In Support of the Free, The Progeny of Umar Al-Mukhtar by Sheikh Abu Mus'ab Abdul-Wadoud (may Allah protect him)

Inspiring Story Of A Revert NBA Player Who's Against Flag Salutation

“The Importance of the Sanctity of Muslim Blood” Sheikh Atiyyatullah (may Allah protect him)

Package Bomb Sent To Leader Of JIL, Ulil Abshar Abdalla

"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt (2)" by Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri (may Allah protect him)

The Savagery Of The Densus 88

The International Khilafah Conference 2011: Towards The Domination Of Islam Over The World!

GIMF: Presents: A Translation of Al-Malahem's Audio Release "Ibn Ali and Ibn Saud" by the Mujahid Sheikh Ibrahim Sulaiman Al Rubaish (H.A.)

Hiding Realities

Changes Through The Way Of The Ummah (‘an Thariq Al-Ummah) Does Not Mean Through The People Power or People's Revolution

These Are The Charges On Abu Bakar Ba’asyir Regarding The Military Training In Aceh

The People’s Revolt… the Fall of the Corrupt Arab Regime… the Demolishment of the Idol of Stability… and the New Beginning... By Sheikh Atiyyatullah

International Khilafah Conference 2011 : “Welcoming The Return Of Khilafah Islamiyah”

The Biography Of The Mujahid Sheikh Abu Omar al-Saif R.A

Remember The 3rd March This Year!

Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen: “A Message To The People Of Burundi”

The Compartmentalized Ummah

"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt (1)" by Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri (may Allah protect him)

Overthrow King Abdullah! A Step Toward (The Liberation Of) Al-Aqsa...

February 2011

Asymmetric Jihad

Pictures: Youth Mujahideen Movement: Presentation of a "Prisoner Of War" - Captured Burundi Crusader Soldier

Political Vision of Jihad Movement ; Synergism Toward Khilafah Islamiyah

The Expiry Of The Taghuts

Last Message of a WNI (Citizen of Indonesia), Imanda Amalia, Before Her Death in Egypt

Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki: “A Message to Those in the Field of Media”

Tunisian Revolution, Global Jihad & It Is Time For Khilafah Islamiyah To Lead The World

Mujahideen In Palestine Congratulated On The Resignation Of Mubarak; Don't Stop The Struggle!

Ustadz Abu Jibriel: Despite Continuous Pressure, Islamic Movements Will Never Be Extinguished

the Islamic State of Iraq to our Fellow Muslims in Beloved Egypt

Memoirs from the prison and trial by Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri

Egypt And The Yaumul Ghadhab

Brother on the path of jiahd in Egypt by: Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri

A Meeting With Shaykh Abu Umar al-Baghdadi

January 2011

Democracy, A Religion?

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir Not Tried Soon As The Densus Are No Longer Poured With Funds By America

A Dream Come True

A Risaalah From Behind The Iron Bars - Jihad Needs People Who Are Trustworthy

Refute the unbelievers: Mujahideen fighters, mercenaries without boundaries?

Da'wah of Prophets and Apostles

The Da'wah Of The Apostles

Ubaid Denies The Conclusion By Expert Witness

The Afghan Jihad: Migration and Preparation, By: Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri

How will the war end?

What Is The Meaning Of ‘Land’ For The Islamic Ummah?

Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula English magazine Inspire issue #4

The Ruling on Dispossessing the Disbelievers wealth in Dar al-Harb Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki

The Houthis And The Coming Project

Tawheed – A Precondition For Good Deeds To Be Accepted

A Sincerity To The Enemy

'Strive for the Paradise, strive in the way of our Lord' The Last Will of the Second Sister Who Attacked Moscow

In The Heart of the Matter || The Reality and the Role of the Jihadist Media || By the Excellent Sheikh: Abu Sa’d al-‘Amili

When The Life Of Muslim Is Cheaper Than Life Of Other People

A Look Into The Meaning Of The Martyrdom Of A Mujahid

Achieving Victory With Tawheed

'I am happy to give the most expensive, my soul, in the way of Allah (swt). The Last Will of the First Sister Who Attacked Moscow

De-radicalization, The Effort To Extinguish The Light Of Shari’a And Jihad In Indonesia

December 2010

On The Path of Victory (1), The Blazing Light, In Inciting for Jihad

Defence Letter Of Ustadz Aman: The Guilty One Is Fir'aun, Not Us

Statement from Harakat Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen & Hizbul Islami "The year of Unity"

Cruel! Ustadz Aman Abdurrahman Sentenced To 9 Years In Jail

Letter From Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir: Densus 88 Are Enemies Of Allah And His Rasul

Densus 88 Wants To ‘Remove’ Ustadz Aman?

10 Methods to Detect and Foil the Plots of Spies

It Turned Out That The JAT’s Money Went to Gaza, When Will This Fitnah End?

Tadzkirah By Ansarut Tauhid For The Citizens And Rulers Of This Beautiful Country But Continually Afflicted By Disasters

A Story Told By Our Doctor Upon Her Return From Maluku

A Risaalah From Behind The Iron Bars: "Be Firm In The Path Of Allah"

The Baghdad Pet Market Bombings... A case-study in Crusader-Rejectionist Collaboration

Put Hopes Only On Islam!

Awaiting The Actions Of The ‘Ambassadors Of Tawheed’

November 2010

Between Gayus And Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir

“Between the Islamists and the Liberals” By His Excellency, the Mujahid Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sulaiman al-Rubaish

A Risaalah From Behind The Iron Bars: “So That Disasters Will Remain Rewarding”

Warning to every Muslim in the west: The Islamic communities between the Holocaust and the Islamic state of Europe

Obama Exhorts The Ummah To Do Shirk & Mustofa Ya’qub, Board Chairman Of Masjid Istiqlal, Agrees

Palestine Helped By Army In White Robes

Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula English magazine Inspire issue #3

The objectives of operation hemorrhage

The Merapi Evacuees Longed For Congregational Prayer

Together... to Topple the House of Saud

Khutbah 'Eidul Adha 1431 H From Jama'ah Ansarut Tauhid

Subhanallah..! Masjid Untouched By Mentawai Tsunami, 50 People Saved

The Islamic Ummah MUST Reject Obama!

Indonesia Repent!

Ustadz Aman: The Reality Of Da'wah In The Thaghut Prison

Beware Of The Su’ Ulama’s

October 2010

What The Americans Have “Achieved” In The Month Of October

'Dissecting' Al Qaidah

“The Life of Baitullah Masood” by Azam Tariq – TTP Spokesperson

Jihad In Indonesia Must Be Prepared

The Root Cause Of Terrorism And The Christian Conspiracy In Indonesia

A Refutation Of The Statement Made By Nasir Abbas (Former Mujahid)

The Saudi record of violence against the historical heritage of Islam

The Reality of the Rulers

A Response To The Foul Allegation

Yusuf Qordhawi Defended Himself After His Lies Exposed?

The first Magazine issued by al-Qaida in the English Inspire Magazine Issue 2

I am proud to be a traitor to America

Jihad Message From The Pocket Of Ahmad

In pictures... Palestinian Youths In Action, Defending Al Aqsa

September 2010

Presentation Of Donations To Families Of The Victims Of Anti-terrorism Laws

The Misleading "Reflection On Aceh Jihad" (Part 2)

The Misleading “Reflection On Aceh Jihad”

A Victorious Ummah, A Broken Crusade: Nine Years After the Start of the Crusader Campaign Shaykh: Ayman Al-Zawahiri may Allah protect him ... In English, Arabic, Urdu and Pashto

The Police – The Mastermind of terrorism?

Khutbah ‘Eidul Fitri 1431 H by Jama’ah Anshorut Tauhid

Qur'an and Terror [Responding to the Qur'an Burning Day]

Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir: America Wants Me Removed From Society

Clarification and Message from One of the Commanders of Jihad in Aceh, Ustadz Ubaid

Ustadz Amman & Aceh Mujahideen Began To Stand Trial

Chronology of Military Exercises of the Terror Suspects at Mako Brimob and Terrorization Incidents in Aceh

Convey... Even If It's Just A Single Verse

August 2010

Does the American withdrawal date matter?

No Other Choice But To Fight!

Habbatul Barakah (Black Seed) - The Seed of Blessing

The Tightened Sky: A Cosmic Sign to Glorify God

A Simple Ramadan Program

SOS Presents “Slave To The Streets” Conference In UK

A Letter from the Afghan Lands to the Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdasi -Hafidhullah-

Police Threatens Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'syir (ABB) With Death Penalty, Ustadz ABB Just Relaxed

The Appeal Of Ustadz Rosyid Ridho Ba'asyir About The Arrest Of His Father

FPI Denounces The Arrest Of Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir

Tyrannic! Police Welcomes Ramadhan By Detaining Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir

The Jihad that we Don't want

Muslims in Central Asia and The Coming Battle of Islam

Is It Allowed To Not Submit To The Shari'a Of Prophet Muhammad SAW?

Only The Khilafah Could Alleviate The Plights Of The Pattani Muslims

What Does It Mean To Have Freedom In The West?

An English Translation of Nukhbah Al Ilam Al Jihadi Release: “Responses to the Ruling on Leaving for Battle and the Precondition of Takfir” By the Eminent Sheikh Abu Abdulrahman Attiya Allah al-Libi (May Allah Protect Him)

AMEF: English translation of AQAP Statement regarding the storming of the political security building in Aden

July 2010

Women and Jihad Fie Sabilillah

Al-Somood Interviews The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Military Official For The Maidan Shahr District

You Could Also Be Entitled For Paradise!

And If You Must…

Can The Book, “Temanku, Teroris? (My Friend, A Terrorist?)”, Remove The Stigma Of Terrorism?

Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki Message to the American people (In English, Russian and Arabic)

Paul The Liar

Putri Munawaroh Sobbed, Remembering Beloved Husband

Read online: The First English Magazine by Al-Qaeda 'Inspire'

I Am a Palestrina Child

Stop The Torture On The Accused of ''Terrorism'' Right Now!

Answers from the Open Interview with Qaeda al-Jihad Shura Council Member in the land of Khorasan -the Mujahid Sheikh Abdul Majid Abdul Majid (May Allah Protect Him)

Forces Of Allah Descend In Ambon (Last Part)

Hundreds Of Youths From Various Towns In The Reception Of Yuli Harsono's Janaza

Free and support our brother

June 2010

Forces Of Allah Descend In Ambon (Part II)

Forces Of Allah Descend In Ambon

"Ibn Taymiyyah Reviews" by Dr.Akram Hijazi

Jalaluddin Haqqani: A Legend in the Afghanistan Jihad, Part III

As-Sahab: "Legitimate Demands [2] Barrak's Dilemma" by Brother Adam Yahiya Gadahan-Azzam (May Allah Protect Him)

Tawheed And Jihad Is The Solution

Picture of Jewish terrorists using a Palestinian child as a human shield

Freedom of expression

Freedom Flotilla

How Sad! Palestine Is Now Gone From The World Map

Al-Muhajirun: Jihad For Palestine

Message to the American People from Sheikh Usama bin Laden (May Allah Protect Him)

the interview with the Khateeb of Laal Masjid Moulana Abdul Aziz (May Allah Protect Him): Dozens of cases have been made against our women, while the killers roam free!

Why Prophet Muhammad Did Not Have a Wasi

An English Translation of the Questionnaire of the Members of Ansar al-Mujahideen Arabic Forum with the Commander, Sheikh Sirajudeen Haqqani (May Allah protect him)

Signs Of Shaheed On The Densus 88 Shooting Victims In Cawang

The Jewish Crimes

Palestine: The Heart Of The Ummah Is Bleeding

Fatwa: Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders World Islamic Front Statement

Operation Blue Tulsi: India & Israel against Pakistan: 15 Years in Planning, 10 Years in Preparation and Today in Execution

A Reflection On Aceh Jihad 2010 (Part III - Last Part)

May 2010

Perk Up Comrades! Allah Is With Us...

Killing "Terrorists", Burying Century

Sheikh Anwar al Awlaki: ''A Muslim for the sake of the disbelievers''

The 13th Court Session Of M Jibriel: Cruel Public Prosecutor Sought 7 Years Jail Even With The Absence Of Evidence!

Funerals Of Maulana And Saptono

Spreading Democracy: Victory for US & Israel

Latest Advice From DPO Abdullah Sunata To Ikhwan Mujahideen

The Story Of A Finnish Journalist Experimenting With The Veil

Today's Hijrah

The Fight Must Continue!

Khomeini under the microscope: The Muslim Scholars, "Fatwa" Concerning Khomeini

If The Shuhada's Are Not Dead, Where Are Their Arwah?

Alqimmah Presents English Translation of the New Audio From Sheikh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr Amir of the Mujahidin Youth Movement, entitled "The Islamic State Will Remain

How Can We be Pleased in Staying Behind

Graduation Ceremony at the Abdullah Azzam Training Center for Islamic Propagation in the Islamic Province of Banadir (Mogadishu)

The Importance Of Ruling By Islam

The Silent Genocide from America

The Rulings On Dying Shaheed

2nd Message From Ustadz Aman Abdurrahman From Inside The Prison

April 2010

Criticism For The Case Of Putri Munawarah

A Statement from the Ministry of Religious Committees of the Islamic State of Iraq to the Muslim Ummah

Shariah - Terrorising or Modernising

A Letter From Muhammad Jibril Abdurrahman From Behind Bars

Quraidhah and America, A Breeding Ground for Treachery and a Fountain of Evil. By Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi

A Statement from the General Command of the Mujahideen Youth Movement Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen “And on that Day, the Believers will Rejoice”

Avoiding the Satanic 'Intellect'

The Transcript of "A Call to Jihad" by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki (may Allah protect him)

Youth Mujahideen Movement: Statement from the General Command "And on that day the believers will rejoice"

An Open Letter In The Name Of Love For Putri Munawwarah

Message from ustadz aman Abdurrahman from behind the iron bars

Not Just Wills, But Also Togetherness

Da'wah Al Haq

Jalaluddin Haqqani: A Legend of the Afghanistan Jihad, Part II. Demolishing the Myth of the Red Army in Paktia

Barbaric! Americans In Foreign Country Dare To Torture Its People

A Reflection On Aceh Jihad 2010 (Part II)

After A Month, Janaza Of Hasan Nour Laid To Rest At Last

A Reflection On Aceh Jihad 2010

Martyrs of the Peninsula

The Making Of The Aceh Mujahideen

Al-Quds….. A Piece Of Holy Land That Continues To Be Ripped

Without Jihad, Islam Disappears

Scientific Proof In The Qur'an: “Fire Under The Sea”

Shaykh Abdulqadir as-Sufi: Replace Paper Currency With Gold Dinar

There Is No Honour Except In Islam

March 2010

Jihad Vs Terrorism

liberty and equality America cries, Our sister Aafia Siddiqui story

The Congress Of The Homosexuals And The Sensitivity Of The Authority

Learning From The Soccer Supporters

Ustadz Amman Arrested, Islam Suppressed?

Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir: Caution! Calling The Mujahideen Terrorists Could Make One Murtad!

I have divided the prayer...Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah

FPI Threatens To Disperse The Congress Of The Homosexuals In Surabaya

O PKS! It’s Not The Picture Of Al Aqsa!

The Smiles And Fragrant Scents Of Aceh Shuhada's

Welcome Obama!

Mujahid Not Khawarij

Jalaluddin Haqqani, a Legend in the History of the Afghanistan Jihad

From Sheikh Khalid b. Usama b. Ladin (may Allah protect him), Regarding the Imprisonment of Some Members of the Family in Iran

The Struggle between American Army and Intelligence

The Tricks Of The Enemies Creeping Into The Bodies!!!

Indonesia Is More Cruel To Own Sons

Enjoying The Accusations

London-based deviant Cleric Issues Anti-terror Fatwa, Said No Martyrdom Bombing In Islam

"The myth of the heroic 'national resistance' in Iraq" by brother 'Abd-al Khaliq al-Muhajir H.A

A Call to Arms, by brother Adam Yahiye Gadan (may Allah preserve him)


When will my Words drink from my Blood! (Now, suitable for publishing) ... by the pen of Abu Dujanah al Khurasani

Obama, The World Bungler

The New Al-Qaeda Has Now Arrived

Imprisoned, The Bush Grenade Thrower Embraced Islam

The Office for Supervising the Affair of Foreign Agencies: WFP Must Terminate all its Operations Inside Somalia

February 2010

Imam Mahdi The Shia Version - Messiah Dajjal Al Mashih???

The Inaugural Maulid

Why Be Worried By Jihad?... Jihad Fie Sabiilillah, Its Interpretation and Objectives

“Repelling the Crusader Aggression” Sheikh Abu Sufyan Al-Azdi (May Allah Protect Him)

An Incomplete History: The Muslims of Spain post 1492-897 In A global context and its relevance to Muslims today

Deviated Ideas Of Secularism, Pluralism And Liberalism

Watch New Video: As-Sahab Media: "The Way to Save the Earth" by Sheikh Usama bin Ladin

“The Political and Religious Crime of “Elections”… and Our Obligation Towards It” Sheikh Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi (May Allah Protect Him)

Message to the Tribes of Yemen, From Mujahid in Somalia

“Futur”, A Virus

The Difference Between Iman and Kufr

Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb: Genocide of the Muslims in Nigeria New episode of the continuous Crusade

Understanding The Meaning of “Permission Is Given (To Fight)”

Ish Kariman aw Mut Shaheedan

And so that the way of the sinners may become manifest

The Phenomenon Of Ignoring The Qur’an

January 2010

Words of Advice and Compassion in regards to Bombings in Markets

The Mother Of All War Is Already At The Tip Of The Nose (Very Near)

State Department Plan For US Media Efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Characteristics Of The Genuine Munafiqs

A Statement Marking the One Year Anniversary of the Founding of Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula

Da’wah Online, Once Again!

Dangers of the Internet in the Home

Hong Kong Muslimahs And Their Struggle

The Caravan is Moving and the Dogs are Barking

Ulamas Of Yemen Will Inflame Jihad If There Is Foreign Military Intervention

Thanks to every American tax payer, without your generosity this would have never happened

Shia kafir fake Kabba and Hajj 2010 in Iran

Torments Will Descend From The Sky If Immoralities Are Rampant

I am a Sincere Advisor to You

“The Khutbah of Eid Al-Ad’ha, 1430” Sheikh Abu Yahya Al-Libi (may Allah protect him)

The Invasion of Abu Dujanah Al-Khurasani (May Allah have mercy on him) Infiltration into a US Forwarding Base

The Ferocious Wave Of Akhlaq And Aqeedah Destroyer

Al Shabaab Mujahideen Held Military Parade In Mogadishu

Muslim Won’t Be Appreciated Until They Have Own State

Ghazwul Fikri

December 2009

Al-Qaida In the Arabian Peninsula: Statement regarding the recent massacre of the Muslims in Abyan

By Al-Qaida In the Arabian Peninsula: Operation by the Mujahid brother Omar Al-Farooq the Nigerian

The Weirdness Of The People In The End-Times

An Announcement of Patronage and Pride in the Mujahideen and the Emirate of Caucasus

My Experience Of Meeting Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin (2)

My Experience Of Meeting Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin

When The Palestinian Are Murdered On The Operating Table And Then Their Organs Harvested

Hamas- Shattering of the Image by the pen of the informational journalist AbdulIlah Haidar Shai’

The English Translation of As-Sahab’s Release “Swat: Victory or Martyrdom” Sheikh Abu Yahya Al-Libi (may Allah protect him)

"Foie Gras" and "Treatment of Animals: An Islamic Perspective"

Tabligh Akbar (Mass Religious Rally): Zikir, Jihad Vs Terrorism; Who Are The Real Terrorists?

Al Qaeda in Arabian peninsula commander Muhammad b. Abdur-Rahman Al-Rashid 9 (May Allaah protect him) "Indeed I am only a Trustworthy Advisor to You"

The CIA digs a grave for America in Yemen

Ustâdh Ahmad Farooq (Al-Qaeda’s in charge of the Da’wah and Media Department for Pakistan)

The Story Of A Poor Woman, Old Cow And Gaza

November 2009

Eid ul Adha 1430 H Khutbah by Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir (Amir of Jama’ah Anshorut Tauhid)

Learn To Appreciate Hidayah

An American Millionaire Who Was Also Michael Jackson’s Lawyer Becomes Muslim

Be Strange

“The Mask Fell” by Shaykh Ibrahim al-Rubaysh [Hafidhahullah] A statement about King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

My way to Universal Deen Islam

October 2009

The Ecstasy of Mi’raj

Is Jihad Terrorism?

The Characters Of The Ghuraba'

Open Letter of the Miserable and Oppressed Prisoners of Afghanistan sent to this Web site for publication. We post the letter on this site without any change in its content.

The Road to Jihad in an orderly arranged sAF (line)

The Two Knocks Of Iman

The Road to Jihad?

What Enemies Want from Muslim Women

Condolences & Congratulations to the Ummah for the Martyrdom of Amir Baitullah Mehsud by Sheikh Mustafa Abu Yazid in English and Urdu

The true nature of the enmity between the Muslims and the Jews

September 2009

"Obama, Whats up?"

A Message from Shaykh Osama bin Laden to the People of Europe watch the video with English & German subtitles or read the transcript in English, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, polish malay/Indonesian Arabic and Urdu

The Global Islamic Media Front presents… The English Translation Al-Malahim’s Audio Release: “Why Muhammad b. Naif?” Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Rubaish (may Allah protect him)

The Global Islamic Media Front presents…The English Translation As-Sahab’s Release (13-9-2009): “A Statement to the American People” The Lion of the Ummah, Sheikh Usama b. Ladin (may Allah protect him)

An Interview with the Director of Military Affairs of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for Paktika province Mawlawi Sangeen (May Allah protect him)

An Announcement of Patronage and Pride in the Mujahideen and the Emirate of Caucasus

The Global Islamic Media Front presents… “The True Facts of Jihad and the Lies of Hypocrisy” As-Sahab’s Sixth Interview with Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him)

Letter from Michael Scheuer to Usamah bin Ladin

The men behind 9/11 and the motives that bound them

Ansar al-Mujahideen English Forum Presents: The English Transcript of As-Sahab Foundation For Media Production Release: "The Manhattan Raid" Part 1

Ansar al-Mujahideen English Forum Presents: The English Transcript of As-Sahab Foundation For Media Production Release: "The Manhattan Raid" Part 2

Qaida al-Jihad (General Command): Clarification from Sheikh Mustafa Abul Yazid (May ‎Allah Protect Him)

Al-Qaida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb A Report Regarding the Rafah Crime in Palestine

What is the most important doa in the month of Ramadan?

A statement of truth to expose the conspiracies of declared accusations against Ansar al ‎Islam

The Saudi state and the position of Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymeen towards it

August 2009

"Don't worry, for the Islamic United States is at the door" ‎

The Path of Doom

The Excellent Refutation of the Statement of Al-Astal, the Mufti of Hamas

Jund Ansar Allah: Statement regarding Hamas' massacre in Ibn Taymiyyah Masjid in Rafah

Al Qaida in the Land of Islamic Maghrib Condolence, support and comfort for our brothers and people in Nigeria

The Brigades of Tawhid

As-Sahab is pleased to present you with a sound file titled “Advice for the People of Jihad” for Sheikh Mansur al-Shami. (Rajab, 1430)

“Would you kill a man for only he says: My Lord is Allah?!” “Isn’t there amongst you a single rightly guided man?!”

Download Al-Fursan Media: Jihad Recollections "From Uncle Sam to AllahuAkbar" issue no. 3 in English

But... Baitullah Mahsood is Alive and Well in Pakistan

Somalia: Support and Aid

Noordin Is Not Dead

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks

Quiet dialogue with Obama by Sheikh Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al Husseinan

The Way The American Drone Works

July 2009

Ramadan A Month of Victories and Change By the pen of Sheikh Abu Mohammed al Maqdisi

10 Sins Of Democracy

Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri lastest message for "My Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan" read the English transcript of the

A Message to the People of Pakistan Sheikh Usama bin Laden (may Allah protect him)

the An Interview with Mustafa Abul-Yazid (May Allah Protect Him) the Commander of Al-Qaedah in Afghanistan (Aired of Liqaa Al-Yawm, Al-Jazeera TV, June 21, 2009)

Information wars: the case of Iraq and Kosovo

June 2009

The Best dancer of Najd

Scientists: The Leaves Fall… Not An Ordinary Event

The English Transcript of Al-Ansar Media Release Message from the Amir of Ansar al-Islam, Abu Abdillah as-Shafi'ee, to the Islamic nation Clarifying the Islamic Law regarding Palestine, Jerusalem, and the Zionist Entity

Foreign Embassies in Muslim Lands

Battle Of Mu’tah: Great Shaheed Stories

[Photo] Amir Islam, Mujahideen in Chechnya

English Translation of the speech of Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri entitled “The Floggers of Egypt and the Agents of America Welcome Obama”

May 2009

The Americans, Somalia, Al-Qaradawi, and Shaykh Sharif Who Has Been Radically Changed

Signs of Victory are Looming over Afghanistan By Sheikh Abdullah Saeed Director of Military Affairs of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan

Who Will Stand up for the Muslim Prisoners?

The Story Of The Bull

The Criminal Americans are Fumbling About, Carrying Out a War of Atrocities

April 2009

description of the Paradise and the delights that it contains

I Was Sent To A Far Country To Fight The Muslims … But I Become One Of Them Instead

The Head of Religious Affairs of Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arabian Peninsula “No charity and No Jihad?”

photos of Mujahideen in Wilayah Dagestan

Emir Sayfullah’s eulogy for Abu Murat Sultan Sosnaliyev: “He always wanted to die in combat”

Al-Fursan Media: First English Jihad Magazine - Jihad Recollections no. 1

The Politics Of Abu Lahab In The War Of Gaza

March 2009

Palestine & The Scenario Of The End Times

An Address to the Muslims from Abû Qatâdah, ‘Umar ibn Mahmûd Abû ‘Umar

Teachings From The Kandahar Mosque

Security tips from an Ingush brother

Islamic Schools: Who's Responsible?

The West Is Repeating The Mistakes Of The Soviet

The Islamic response to the US governments nine accusations by The 9/11 Shoura' Council

The Holy Men Of Jihad

Fragrant Scent Of The Shuhada's In The Land Of Jihad

3 March: Dark days for the Ummah since the destruction of the Khilafah

The Miracles Of Gaza: “One Thousand Gazan Dead, Another Three Thousands Born”

Al-Ansar Media Battalion: speech Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi - "Slaughtering of Olin Armstrong" translation of the speech in English & German

Shaykh Abi Salman Hassan Hussayn Adam: Message Urging Jihad Against New Somali President

January 2009

Defeating The Enemies Of Islam With Knowledge

Israel, Palestine, Uncle Sam And The Arab Countries

Reflections On 2008: 13 Important Events To Be Remembered By The Ummah

A Proclamation to the People Over the Events in Palestine

Their Kufr Is Worse than Their Bombing of Gaza!

Israel’s massacre in Gaza proves beyond doubt that the treacherous Muslim rulers must be removed

Hamas! Correct the Foundations, Have Fear of Allah and not People!

44 Ways of Supporting Jihad

Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki: Israel As The Cancer of The World Should Be Eradicated, The Islamic World Must Reform

Taliban rule the roost in Swat through FM radio

Boycott Israel Campaign... Brands & labels to Boycott

December 2008

O Allah give Victory to the Muslims of Gaza!

Why Is The Islamic Ummah Tried With Various Forms of Trial?

Born to kill....!!!

Who Are The Prophet’s Ummah?

Jesus Would Be In Jail This Christmas!

The Aafia Siddiqui I Saw

The Ruling on physical Jihad, The ruling on jihad for women and Jihad with One’s wealth is compulsory for the rich

They Have Become Insane & Paranoid In Confronting Islam

An Expression Of Love By A Mujahidah “Al Qaeda’s Living Legend”

Al-Qaa’idah is moving to Africa

Out Soon! Monumental Literary Works Of The Trio Mujahid

Jihaad Against the Kuffaar is of Two Types (Fard Kifayah and Fard 'Ayn)

Believe in Allah and Disbelieve in Taaghoot

With regard to Islam, what is the soul? For instance, who created the soul, and what limitations does it have?

Muslim Intellectual Asked For Stone Sample To Prove That Hajar Al-Aswad Came From Heaven

“They turned their Chests into Shields…”

“But they are not prepared to approach their own people”

Is The World In Need Of Islam?

Payback For The Prosecutor Of Amrozi And Company

November 2008

“Tell me, when will you become angry?”

Interview With Ustadz Abu Jibriel Abdul Rahman About The Title Ash-Shaheed Given To Imam Samudra And Friends

“…were gathered nations from all parts of the world…”

The 10th Protocol Of The Jews

How people of Gaza besieged by the Jewish terrorists bring food

Exit of Bush and Arrival of Obama Scholar of the Nation Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri (May Allah Protect Him)

The Mystery Of Amrozi and Friends’s Signs Of Shaheed Brought To Light

Habib Riziq Shihab: Amrozi And Freinds Are “Min Ahlil Khair”

“Don’t meddle in the affairs of our Countries”

Terrorists Are Also Humans

3 Shot, 1 Million AK-47 Triggered .. The Three Of Them Are Now Shaheed!... Insha Allah

“Every Muslim who abandons the rifle will carry the weight of sin”: Abdullah Yusuf Azzam

Dozens Of Laskar (Islamic Soldiers) Swarmed Amrozi’s House To Give Support

A Letter From Brother Ali Gufron From the Prison in Indonesia in Arabic, English and French

Israel Qualified To Be Entered In The Book Of World Records As The Cruelest “Country”

A response by a brother to Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Mukhlas appeal to Mujahideen... By Allah, You Have Triumphed!, By Allah, They Will Regret!

By Allah, You Have Triumphed!, By Allah, They Will Regret!

The Islamic Economic System as an alternative

Voting for the American President

Why no public, mainstream media, gov’t outcries when Moros are victims? MILF asks

Hundreds Of Muslims In Desa Tenggulun Prayed The Doa Qunut Nazilah, Cursed The Supporters Of Amrozi’s Execution

Last Wills Of The Shuhadas.... INSHAALLAH...!!!

Pamphlets Protesting The Execution Of Amrozi And Friends Circulating Widely In Solo

The End Of Bush Junior’s Arrogance

October 2008

Exclusive Interview With Ustadzah Paridah Abbas (Wife of Sheikh Mukhlas alias Ali Ghufron)


The Muslim World Must Free Itself From This Failing Capitalist System

The Minister of Communication and Information Asked the Media Not To Call Amrozi Shuhada?!

The Pride of Iman And Allah’s Help

The Holy Prophet of GOD

US Fears The Emergence Of Shariah Banks

Transparent Butterfly (Absolutely Gorgeous Creature!)

The Causes of the Ummah’s Defeat

Madrasas and allegations of extremism

Former ambassador of Taliban to Pakistan, Mull Abdul Salam Zaeef rejected the reports of talks between Taliban and Afghan government in Saudi Arabia

Amrozi, Imam Samudra And Mukhlas Still Celebrate ‘Eid

Wali Of Allah Versus Wali Of Taghout

September 2008

The Prophets and The Shuhada Remain Alive With Allah

Most Unlucky Person In The World

The Tears Of The 'Lion Of The Desert'

Istiqomah In The Pursuit Of Allah’s Pleasure

Jose Padilla (also known as Abdullah al-Muhajir): A forgotten Muslim Prisoner

To The South African Government: “Between The Two Oceans Is A Barrier”

10 Years Of GM Watch - Quiztime: The Questions And Answers

“Women In Jilbab”-Shaped Toilet Bowl In Israel

Do you Know Your Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari

The Zionist and Christian Cooperation To Return Jews To Israel

The Jihad Of Thalut Against Jalut

Sheikh Abu Mansuur have proclaimed continues operations Which will continue the whole month of Ramadan, these operations goes under the title: No peace without Islam

The MILF Mujahideen Denied Their Commanders As Critical

The Month of Ramadaan

Ramadaan - A great Renaissance or a dry Routine?

A Treatise From A Mujahid (Insha Allah) - Imam Samudra To All The Muslimeen And Mu'mineen

August 2008

Glad tidings to the Ummah Majlis Shura of Mujahideen in Pattani DarusSalaam

The Aims of Al-Qaida

A Question about the Method of Establishing Khilafa

Jihad in the Qur'an and Sunnah

Muslim Community In Cianjur Donated One Hectar Of Land As 'Waqf' For Imam Samudera's Burial Site

The Importance Of Jihad In The Life Of A Muslim

The Woman Before and after Islam

The Moro Youths Demand Freedom

You Have Allah O Al-Aqsa

Motivations and Purposes of Trials In Iman And Jihad

Mukhlas And Imam Samudra Handed Out An Open Letter

The Mujahideen Moro Leader Calls For Jihad Against The Philippines

The Jihad of the Moro Muslims

The American Muslim: The 21st Century House Slave

Promises ‘Betrayed’, Peace For The Moro Muslim Is Just An Illusion

Al Qaeda in Islamic West - Statement in relation to the military revolution in Mauritania

Exclusive Interview: Ustadz Imam Samudra; The Spirit Of Jihad That Will Never Extinguish!

The Plight of the Uighurs: China’s Muslims Suffering As Much As the Tibetans

War on Terror, Regime Change, Black Gold. Iraq? No Afghanistan

Islam is more than a religion

The World's Bravest People

Al-Israa' and Al-Mi`raj: Everlasting Lessons

Women under the Sharia?

Implementing Sharia in government: Muslim governments

July 2008

Letter to Ibn Baz by Ameer ul Jihaad Shaykh Usaamah bin Laadin, haafidhahullah

The Armenian Genocide by the Ottomans…the Big Lie

Imam Samudera: "I Don't Regret, Even If I Have To Die"

Martyrs: Building Blocks of Nations

The Wisdom In Washing the Specified Body Parts During Wudu'  

Advises for the times of trial

The Importance of the position & role held by the Mujahideen in the Current International stage

Geo News exclusive interview with Al-Qaida leader Shaykh Mustapha Abu al-Yazeed

GIMF: Translation of Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi's speech, "A message to a Shaykh"

A Mother’s Deep Sorrow--so passionate.. A story of a mother like if she was from the time of sahaba

Times the offender does not receive Blair welcomed on the ground of Gaza Kalb

The Great Mujahid Commander of Lebanon, Abu ‘Umar, has been martyred

“…and they will kill the Muslims and leave the idolaters”

How Similar is Today to Yesterday!

World Attention On Islam Worries VATICAN!!

What the American Soldiers fight for…

Why does Al Qaeda seem in a hurry!

Shaykh ‘Abd Allah ‘Azzam Knowledge and Hydrocephalus

No Excuse to miss Solat (Prayer), A Sin Greater Than 'Zina'

Ibn Kathir’s Account of the Destruction of the Homosexuals of Lut

Question & Answer: On Martyr Operations Carried Out by the Palestinians

Al Qaeda's Methodology Of Struggle – Does It Originate From Planet Mars?

Refuting the Conspiracies Surrounding As-Sahab Media

The Reality Of Life Behind This Game

The Anglican Church & Homosexuality: A Frank Discussion

Do You Know This Book?

New York Times: An Interview with Shaykh Abu Mus’ab Abd al-Wadood (may Allaah protect him), Ameer of al-Qaeda in Algeria

The Story Of The Prophet's Companions: “Competing For Jihad”

June 2008

Q&A: How to dispose of shares?

Signs of Qiyamah

The Virtues of The Hijab

Al-Qaeda organization in Algeria-The raid of Abdur Rahmaan Al Thulathi

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula-Bombing the camp of the central security forces

The Taliban: Zuhd in Dunya

The Termination of Israel; A Qur'aanic fact

“He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune”: Official Islam In Britain

The Jihad Media Battalion Presents English Translation of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri’s speech (may Allah preserve him) “Free Blockade on the Gaza Strip”

He Had Been Given a Victory

Day of Distinguishing!

relating to a distinct group?

Ethics of War followed by the Mujahideen

Seriousness in Carrying dawah (Invitation to Islam)

Europe's Acceptance Of The Islamic Family Institution

Are Martyrdom Operations Lawful?

Jihad versus State Terrorism

Brief history of The compilation of Al-Quran

The Evils of Gambling

May 2008

Why Doesn't al-Qaeda Attack the US?


Turkish Islamic author Harun Yahya given 3-year jail sentence For Speaking The Truth


The Incitement of Islam

You Won't See This On CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS Or Al-jazeera and Why?


The Jihad Media Battalion Presents English Translation of Shaykh Usama bin Laden Speech (may Allah preserve him) Under the title of: “To the Islamic Ummah (Nation)”


Al-Ansar Media Battalion "To Western People" by Shaykh Usama bin Laden (with German subtitles)


I’m not a sweet bite of a meal anyone can swallow


Benefits from the Hadith “Verily the Satan runs in the son of Adam in the veins”

People Are of Various Types


An interview with the commander Abi Mansoor "Mukhataar Ali Robo" (May Allaah Protect him) with the spokesman of the Youth Islamic movement in Somalia


As-Sahab Media: (English Translation) Shaykh Usamah (May Allaah protect him) To the Western People

A World Without Superpowers

American back Ethiopian Christian kafirs terrorists occupation military Attack On Mosque Marks Intensification Of War In Somalia

Attributes Of The Mujahideen: Compliance With The Sunnah

The Secret World

Islam & the Economic Question

The Jinn (something hidden or which cannot be seen)

The World of the Jinn

Muhammad, A Guidance to follow

The Malaise Of The Ummah: Diagnosis And Solutions

The Media World: The Other Battle Front

The difference between the Capitalist, Communist & the Islamic economic System

The Hejaz Railroad: A symbol of Muslim Unity

Clarifying the meaning of Jihad

''When Muslims abandoned Jihad, Allah sent humiliation upon us''

Al-Yaasiq of today - the law applied in the Muslim world

An Analysis of Shaykh Al-Albani’s views on Jihaad

Towards an Islamic Jurisprudence of the Environment

Concerning Al Aqd Al Amaan: Covenants of Security

April 2008

Smoking: A Social Poison

Alcohol According to Qur'an and Sunnah

Prophet Muhammad's (saws) Farewell Sermon

A Never Ending War

Seven Stages Towards The Khilafah In The Year 2020

Ayat wa Ahadith


The real Weapons of Mass Destruction

Our Responsibilities to Allah in Today’s World

Jihad Is The Only Way To A Khilafah, The Khilafah Can Only Be Realized Through Jihad

Boycott Products of Denmark

analysis of the power sharing agreement in Kenya following the political crisis brought about by the general elections of 27-12-2007

Ayatollah Khomeini

Reasons why jihad is prescribed

Who is al-Hakim (The Legislator)?

The Khilafah and the Indian Subcontinent

America Regrets ‘War on Terror’!

The Sword of Allah (Khalid bin Waleed RA)

Physical jihad is the pinnacle of Islam, and some scholars regarded it as the sixth pillar of Islam

The new Pakistani government is just a new face for slavery to the West

The Main Characteristics And Qualities Of Jews According To The Quran

It is prohibited to give yourself up to the enemy (the kuffaar)

Personality: Knud Holmboe (1902-1931) A Martyr Of Freedom Of Expression

Are You being tested?

The Role of Isnad in the Preservation of the Islamic Civilisation

Economic Colonisation: The Forgotten Killer

Deen Al-Islam and the Question of Civilians

Allaah or The Strings of the Spider

Understanding Jihad (Islamic Holy War)

Is London's Future Islamic?

The Open Meeting with Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri

Democracy (False Religion)


A Letter From A Somalian Youth, To The Youths Who Are Sitting Around

March 2008

Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihad)

A Letter From A Mujahid To His Wife

What are the things that has disappeared from the Muslim Ummah

Muslim Danish teen is kicked & beaten to death by Islamophobes

Shaykh Abdullah ‘Azzam (May Allaah have mercy on him) on Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin (May Allaah protect him): “I have never laid my eyes on a man like him.”

How can I Train Myself for Jihad

“Scholars” that Befriend Tyrants?

Shaykh Usama bin Ladin “The Way To Rescue Palestine

The Great Issue of Tawhid (Simplicity of the Islamic Creed)

The Strangers

How for many, the Da’wah has become an Idol worshipped besides Allah

The Hardest Aspect of the Hardest Act of Worship in Islam

The heart of a Mujahid

Explaining Israel's Mysterious Imperial Agenda

God Save The Deen

Challenging the Kuffar, Changing the Focus

A condition which must be known while excusing with ignorance

The Ruling on the One Who Insults the Prophet of Allaah

Allah Grants Help and Victory to Followers of the True Deen

The Caravan is Moving and the Dogs are Barking

The True Meaning Of Shaheed

The Two Cousins: Da’wah and Jihad

O Muslims! Eject America, The Cause Of The Mischief And Strife That You Suffer Today

DAJJAL: The Anti Christ

A little letter regarding seeking help from the disbelievers

To The Youth Of The Muslim Ummah

Who are the Ghurabaa` - The Strangers?

Ahkām Ad-Diyār: The Basis For the Division of the World Into Two States

Allahu Akbar Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi is released

The Destruction of the Khilafah

Jihad Will Remain Until The Day Of Judgment

Who are the mahrams in front of whom a woman can uncover?

The Meaning of Taghut

Manifestations Of Shirk In The Modern World

The Disease Of Moderate Muslims

Barbaric Laws or Barbaric Crimes?

February 2008

Origins of the Shia Sect

Who is Kaafir?

Voting in Democratic Elections The Islamic Ruling concerning its participation

Witness Some of the Miracles of the Mujahideen in Kuwait

Poisonous Economics

Does the absence of Khilafah allows us to seek judgment from the Kuffār?

Shi’ism is Kufr: Imams Superior to Prophets

Hakimiyyah Was Introduced In Makkah

First Dialogue Between Muslim And Christian

Nadia Narrates By Her Tears: The Americans Have Raped Me Like This

The Martyred Youth & the Rein’s Owner

The treachery and atrocities that Americans tax money pays for: The Devil State of Israel

The Reality of the Neo Crusade War

Confessions Of A human Bomb From Palestine

God's Name: Non-Muslims Calling The Creator "Allah"

Do You Think Or Does The Media Think For You?

Ayatollah Khomeini menace to society, Fatwa: Ayatollah Khomeini is not Muslim

Descriptions of Hell in Islam

The Mafia Times (Pvt) launches Aaj Kal

Choosing the right spouse

Description of the Hypocrites

Saudi torturers rape Mujahideen during interrogation

Let Muslims establish the Shariah in their own lands!

The Emerging Agha Khani Threat in Pakistan

The 12th Imam Of The Shia Is Dajjal (Anti-Christ)?

The Virtues of Laa ilaha illallah is that there is none worthy to be worshipped in truth except for Allah

Shari'ah is the future for Britain

What is Happening in Kenya

Abu Mansoor al-Amriki (The American Mujahid in Somalia) - A Message to the Mujahideen in Particular & the Muslims in general

A letter to the rented donkeys

Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb: Bad Ruler Or Bad History?

Personality: Martyr Dr. Isam Al-Rawi (The Biography)

The People of Desires

Al Wala' Wal Bara' (Love And Hate For Allah's Sake)

The Importance Of Verifying News (Question And Answer)

Won't We Awaken Now

Good Words

Propagation of Islam

Malcolm X Mujahid Understanding And Example Of "Hikma" In Political Activism

Ten Reasons to Embrace Islam

January 2008

The Society longed by Mankind

The Role of Muslim Women in Daw’ah

Hoarding of wealth is prohibited

Shaykh ‘Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Ghunaymaan on the issues related to voting & shirk

Ahkām Ad-Diyār [3]: Point of Benefit- The Secondary Categories of Dār al-Kufr

The Taalib ul-‘Ilm is a Daa’ie

Reasons for the victory and success of individuals or race and its effect

Ahkām Ad-Diyār [2]: Verification of the Cause for the Ruling Upon the Dār

Da’wah in the West

The Deadly DIY Virus

What is the difference between Osama bin Laden and George Bush?

Definition of Dār Al-Islām and Dār Al-Kufr

To those who call us Khawaarij

December 2007

How To Attain Khushoo In Prayer

November 2007

American plan to prevent the return of the Caliphate

The Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham: Islam and the future of Money by Sheikh Imran Hosein

Electing a Representative: An Islamic Perspective

Urgency of the Da’wah

October 2007

The Pulpit: The greatest weapon in Islaam

Ruling on jihad and kinds of jihad

Comparisons from the Battle of Ain Jaloot

The roots of Islam in Africa

In Defense of The Mujahideen: An Open Letter to The Respected Shaykh, Safar Al-Hiwali

Maryland Poll and Changing Political Trends in the Muslim World

The Capitalist Catwalk

The politics of international trade

Eid al-Fitr & its rules

Regarding those who say, “And you cannot make Jihad unless if you have a separate state”

The definitive violation of the Shariah by the rulers of the Muslim world, Part. 1

September 2007

The prince of prince Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam (may Allah have mercy upon him) A Simple Ramadan Program

An Analysis on the hadeeth “Expel the Mushrikeen from the Arabian Peninsula” & its application to the Crusaders

August 2007

At-Tibyān Publications: The Greatest Blessing by the Shaykh, Abdullāh bin Muhammad Ar-Rashūd

The Story of Barseesa - Imam Anwar al Awlaki (H)

Portrait of a Traveler

The reward of spying against the disbelievers in Jihaad

Al-Qaeda’s Next Phase

A Brief Overview of some Deviant Sects by Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

Islamophobia in the West: The Home-Sown Threat

Three articles on the act of spying against Muslims or “Terrorists” & why it is Haraam

The Saudi Citizenship & Passport is Under My Feet

The biography of the Shaykh Shahid,`Isa ibn Sa`d ibn Muhammad al `Ushn al-Khalidi (may Allah have mercy upon him)

Like a death sentence to their Sheikhdom and their fatwa offices

The Allegiance of Commander az-Zarqaawee to the Shaykh of the Mujaahideen, Shaykh Osamah ibn Ladin, Hafidhullah

Lailat al-Isra wal Miraj in Context of the Present Situation of the Muslim Ummah

Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libbi (May Allah protect him) “Of the master of martyrs…” Lal Masjid

At-Tibyān Publications: “So Give the Bay’ah for Death” by Sheikh Fāris Az-Zahrānī

At-Tibyan: “Say No to Oppression” by Sheikh ‘Umar ‘Abdur-Rahman

Gulf states are Bribing U$ with $30+ BILLIONS to be in Power

Sheikh Uthaymeen explaining that whoever denies that a Jew or Christian is a Kaafir, then he is a Kaafir himself

The Crucifixion of Jesus

A letter to the rented donkeys by Al-Sheikh Hussein Ma’hmud

The same types of attacks that the enemies used against our Prophet (s) are being used today by America & her allies

The difference between suicide in Islam & the West

loyalty to the queen: Prince bandar and the house of saud's latest treasonous acts

Exposing the Kufr State of Saudi Arabia: An In-Depth Islamic Analysis

Ethiopia Our Number One Enemy (in Reply to Mr. Samatar)

The youthful Jihad in Somalia

To the Army of Difficulty in Somalia by Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi (May Allah protect him)

Never judge a matter according to the outcome, especially when it comes to Jihad

Al-Sheikh Al-Mujahid Abu Hamza Al-Muhajer, Ameer of Al-Qaida in Mesopotamia, voice message entitled “O’ Come to a just word”

The Lessons from the Battle of Tabuk

Abyssinian Invasion: Reminder of a Seven Century Old Animosity

Islam: Between Ignorant followers and Incapable Scholars

Shia are kafirs here are the proofs

Sheikh Abu Layth al-Libbi (May Allah protect him) “Confronting the War of Prisons”

“Combat, not Compromise” Al-Sheikh Abu Yhya (May Allah protect him)

The fight for proper terminology between the West and Islam