Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The Afghan Historical Background and

the Impetuous Outburst of the British Ambassador



Ramadan 19, 1430 A.H, September 10, 2009

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate


In recent months, Mujahideen have dealt a crushing blow at American and British forces in all parts of our country. As a result, hundreds of invading soldiers have lost their lives. The graph of military capability and war tactics of the invaders has lost its splendor and credibility in the eyes of the public of their countries. Still, they have recently resorted to image-boosting propaganda and assertions in order to manipulate the views of the public of the world in their favor and make up for the setbacks they have faced in the field.

In this context, we can refer to the assertions of the British Ambassador in Kabul who says that the British soldiers will remain in Afghanistan for one generation.

The best and reasonable retort to the outburst of the British Ambassador would be no more than that he should go through the history and the historical background of the Afghans once again. Any invading power which has made aggression against this land, has faced ultimate defeat. Those who opted for encountering the Afghans, have only gained disgrace and obloquy. British invaded Afghanistan not once but thrice. However, each time it faced defeat. These ground realities written in golden letters, are now part of our history.

We fought the Britain from 1839 to 1919 and ultimately, gained independence and defeated the enemy after 80 years.

Today our determination is stronger than that; have best military training and best weapons comparing that time; to top it all we have preparedness for a long war.

The former Soviet Union claimed, the Red Army was invincible but faced defeat at the hands of the Afghans and completely disintegrated. Many other countries got independence thanks to that. Today USA, the Britain and their allies are bent on subjugating Afghanistan. They are in a total self-delusion and their brain seems not working normally.


The Britain should look at the fate of their forefather, Dr.Bridom who moribundly reached Jalal Abad. Still his ignorant grandson is saying that the Britain's will remain in this country for one more generation. It seems the British powers that-be are nearing the edge of perdition and the Almighty Allah will bestow this pride on the Mujahid Afghans to show to the world once again how they can bring the invaders to knees.

It is better for the leadership of America and Britain to reverse their aggressive policy of militarism which they had been following for the last eight years and stop behaving like two only masters of the world in the aftermath of the disintegration of the former Soviet Union.

They should understand that reaching this daydream, they will have to face tremendous resistance and will require of them long time to traverse this impregnable way. Still with no success.


Before all, Afghanistan will prove to gulp them down. Therefore, if they do not opt for a peaceful way of the Afghan issue and think this is a shame for them, then they will meet their fate of disgrace by force. They will go into disintegration and would be obliterated from the map of the world like the former Soviet Union which is now a story of the past.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan