Dawood Azimi, who always understates the losses of his hireling and demoralized army, once again forwarded fabricated and false numbers to the media and stated that only a hundred or so soldiers have been lost in the past three months, also using the idiom of Sayyaf (mufti of ISAF) by labeling them martyrs.

Truly, it is a great treachery against the noble title of ‘martyr’; they have sold our medals of honor and are now actively trying to betray the honorable title of ‘martyrdom’. Now the judgment is up to you, if the following is only the number of enemy commanders killed in the past month, what would be the number of total fatalities?

1. Commander Abdul Raheem

2. Commander Abdul Khaliq

3. Commander Sher

4. Commander Khaldar

5. Boldak council chief, Haji Dadullah

6. Abdul Malik

7. Commander Qasab

8. Haji Abdul Ahad

9. Haji Omar

10. Commander Amir

11. Commander Allah Noor

12. Commander of Sangin district’s Charkhakyano check post

13. Commander Sardar

14. Commander Hammed Sada

15. Herat mayor, Abdul Raheem Siyoshani

16. Commander Bacha

17. Captain of Nimroz ANA

18. Commander Ahmadi

19. Commander Pahlawan

20. Commander Mamaji

21. Commander Bismillah

22. Commander Hazrat Ustaz

23. Commander Ismatullah

24. Commander Lalai

25. Malik Abdullah

26. Police chief of Pusht Koh district, Zmarai

27. Commander Rasheed

28. Commander Abdul Manan

29. ANA commander killed in Faryab Akhtar bazaar

30. Commander Janan Agha

On the first day of 2013, commander Abdul Raheem was killed in Khost area of Khak Safid district (Farah).

On the 2nd, an ANA captain along with 3 of his men were killed in Dahi Karez area of Musa Kala district (Helmand).

On 3rd, commander Abdul Khaliq was killed in Sarwan Kala region of Sangin district (Helmand).

On 4th, commander Sher was killed in Landi Karez area of Musa Kala district (Helmand).

On 5th, the brother of commander Pahlawan’s brother (commander Khalid) was killed in Faryab provincial capital.

On 6th, council chief of Boldak Haji Dadullah along with council members, Abdul Malik, Commander Qasab, Haji Abdul Ahad and Haji Umar were killed in a martyrdom attack on Boldak district (Kandahar). Similarly, commander Amir and his guard were killed in Ma’ruf district’s Alizo area (Kandahar) and commander Noor Gul was killed in Lashkargah city (Helmand).

On 10th, commander of Charkhakyano check post along with of 3 his guards were killed in Sangin (Helmand) while commander Sardar and 2 of his guards were killed in Talani Manda area of Uruzgan province.

On 11th, commander of Arbakis in Marjah district (Hameed Sada) was killed in Lashkargah and the mayor of Herat city, Abdul Raheem Siyoshani, was also killed.

On 16th, an infiltrator Mujahid shot dead commander Bacha and 5 other gunmen inside a check post in Pnajwaee district’s Spirwan area (Kandahar).

On 19th, Commander Ahmadi and his guard were killed in Kajran area of Daikondi. Meanwhile, an ANA captain was shot dead behind Delaram district HQ (Nimroz) and commander Pahlawan was killed in Mandozo area of Kala Shamir region, Maiwand district (Kandahar).

On 20th, deputy of commander Shah Muhammad (commander Mamaji) was shot dead in Marabad area of Uruzgan.

On 21st, commander Rasheed and 4 of his men were killed inside their check post in Ali Charkh area of Qadis district (Badghis).

On 22nd, commander Abdul Manan was killed in Pashtoon Zarghoon district center (Herat).

On 24th, commander Adam Khan and 3 gunmen were killed in Da Adam Khan region of Gerishk (Helmand) while commander Hazrat Ustaz and commander Ismatullah faced the same fate in Wali Muhammad Khan Karez area of Nawzad district (Helmand).

On 26th, Malik Abdul was killed in Tarinkot (Uruzgan) and commander Lalai was killed in Arghandab Durahi Nawi Manzari area (Zabul).

On 27th, Pusht Koh (Farah) police chief, Zmarai, was killed in Kank area and an ANA commander was killed in Akhtar bazaar of northern Faryab province.

On 28th, commander Janan Agha was killed in Shahghar area of Dehrawod district (Uruzgan).

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate

Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan